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Venecia's Inspirational Journey

Venecia Butler's indomitable spirit faced its first test in 2006 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Triumphing over the initial battle, she encountered a resurgence of the disease five years later. Armed with increased preparedness, knowledge, and a touch of humor (affectionately naming the disease CRAP), Venecia fought an even more tenacious fight for her second victory.

In 2012, Venecia received her third cancer diagnosis, followed by a fourth in 2013. Undeterred, she approached each diagnosis with the same positive attitude and self-determination that had defined her earlier battles. Venecia emerged victorious, attributing her success to her unwavering faith in Jesus Christ, her sense of humor, and the incredible support from her family, friends, and the YaYa’s—her cherished childhood friends.


She chronicled her experiences in the book "I Have to Get Some Things Off My Chest," originally published and republished by Bookmark Publishers.

In August 2014, Venecia faced her most formidable challenge as cancer returned for the fifth time, metastasizing to her liver, spine, and brain. Despite the dire prognosis, she continued to share her story through speaking engagements, offering hope and inspiration until November 2014.

Venecia, a resident of Piedmont, Alabama, lived with her husband Curtis and their two children, Nathan and Chelsea.

Her Story:

In 2005, Venecia underwent a hysterectomy and was placed on hormone therapy. In February 2006, she discovered a painful knot in her left breast, initially dismissing it as a cyst. However, a mammogram revealed it to be a tumor. Diagnosed with infiltrating ductular carcinoma, she opted for a mastectomy on her left breast, followed by chemotherapy and radiation throughout 2006.

In 2011, a knot in her right breast led to a second mastectomy. Venecia, cancer-free after chemotherapy, felt a calling to share her journey, leading to the creation of her book. She emphasized the importance of finding laughter in every situation, living each moment fully, and, in May 2013, establishing Venecia's Foundation to aid cancer victims.

Subsequent challenges included a chest wall tumor in 2012 and small lung spots in 2013, requiring chemotherapy. In April 2013, she declared herself cancer-free for the fourth time. In August 2014, facing liver, bone, and brain cancer, Venecia humorously labeled it her "Goliath" and continued speaking engagements.

Her compassion extended beyond her own struggles, leading her to establish Venecia’s Foundation, a non-profit organization aiming to provide aid, support, and comfort to cancer patients and their families. She envisioned chemo rooms with portable DVD players, care packages, and gas cards to alleviate financial burdens.

Venecia passed away on April 23, 2015, leaving behind a legacy of resilience, compassion, and a fervent desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by cancer.

"If you think about it, God used a little boy to kill a giant...
I want to get finished with what I was meant to do.”

Venecia's Story

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